Real-time Dashboard

Is your information strewn about across multiple databases, making BI a pain? Our tool pulls out all the stops for you, bringing any data you need together in one location. Our tool automates data collection from multiple sources and displays your data in real time allowing you to make decisions knowing your data is accurate.

More Than Just Data

BI isn’t just about data. That’s why our dashboard enables the addition of websites, documents, embeddable objects and more for a 360-degree view of your actionable information.

Embed Analytics

Some things are better when shared; we believe data is one of them. That’s why our dashboard makes it simple to put your data exactly where your users can reach it.

Powerful Analysis

Analysis isn’t just looking at a bunch of static charts and numbers; it’s exploring your information to gain greater insight. Our flexible interface lets you ask the right questions and actually use your data to improve your business.


Quickly integrate data from BMC, other databases and spreadsheet sources into one easy to navigate platform that offers a wealth of advanced features including dashboards, ad-hoc queries, scheduled notifications, and security.

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